What is the first step?

Take a look at the different tables designs we offer which are located on the 'Our Tables' tab. Each design includes a description explaining  the pros/cons, functionality, and options for each design to help you with your decision.

Once you have the design you like, get the measuring tape out and measure your space. Then, choose a table size that fits your space and the needs of your family.

Next step is stain color. 

Our gallery gives example photos of the different stains we use and their names, when hovered over.


Don't see quite what you are looking for?


Send us a example photo of a stain color you like and we will be happy to work with you to customize it.  



Information on the different finish options we offer, with no different in cost to you

Polyurethane is a lacquer applied in thin layers over the stained wood. It comes in either a satin (matte) or glossy (shiny) finish, depending on preference. Polyurethane hardens the top layer of the wood, adding strength, resistance to scratching and is water repellant. Over time (amount of time depends on use as well as the environment it is in, but roughly 3-5 years) polyurethane has a tendency to yellow and can form small superficial cracks in the finish. All of our furniture is built from solid wood, so at that time the polyurethane can be stripped/sanded and reapplied to look like new. Caution also needs to be taken with hots cups- as they can potentially leave heat rings.


Minwax Brand Natural Finishing Wax Paste. The wax is applied in thin layers over the top of the stained wood and polished, leave a finish that is smooth to the touch, but isn’t glossy. Once the wax is fully cured (approximately 1 week after application) it becomes water repellent. Any liquid spilled on the surface ‘beads up’ and does not soak into the wood.  


As time goes on, the wax cures further with the wood and depending on environment/use, may need to be reapplied. The wax maintains a more natural feel of the wood and starts to develop an unique- almost velvet feel to it in time, as it cures further to the wood.  Wax can be reapplied in layers over itself, so it does not need to be stripped before adding a new layer. Application is very simple and is similar to waxing a car.  Wax is less likely to show hot cup rings, however, it is always recommended to use a coaster. The wax hardens the top layer of the wood  but not as much as the polyurethane does, and does require to be reapplied more often than polyurethane.



Tung Oil

Extracted from the nut kernels of the Tung tree- Tung oil is an environmentally safe and sustainable wood finishing product. This oil penetrates deep into the wood and hardens as it dries and creates a water-proof barrier over the  surface. 

Tung oil is easy to apply and can be reapplied over itself if original finish becomes worn or damaged and accentuated the natural grain and beauty of the wood. 

Tung oil pairs especially well with the torched wood treatment option we offer. 

All finishes are inexpensive and widely available. We include all the products we use on your furniture in your invoice for future reference.

Placing an order

Once you have decided the details and have a good mental picture on how you want your table to look in your home, send us an email. Include as many details as you can and any questions that come up. The more detailed  you are in describing what you are looking for, the better job we can do to build the table exactly how you want it. 


Once we get the details from you we will send you an invoice to confirm the order, with instructions on how to place  the  $250 deposit (on all orders over $500 ). By doing this, we officially hold your spot on the calendar for your estimated completion date.  Once the deposit is placed, it is non-refundable.


After the deposit is received we will give your estimated completion date. Our turn-around time varies greatly by volume, but generally is an average of 3-4 weeks. 

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Okay, now what?

As the completion date gets closer, we will e work with you to arrange a time/date for pick-up. We suggest transporting your table upright to avoid potential damage during transport. Straps, blankets, tarps are very useful in transporting your table as safely as possible.