Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I care for my table/furniture?

                  Each piece of furniture is built from solid Douglas Fir, stained, and sealed with your choice of finish. All of our finishes create a water-resistant barrier on the surface of the wood that makes clean-up easy- a soapy cloth is all that is needed. 

The boards on my furniture have seemed to shift since I purchased my furniture, what do I do?

              Wood changes to it's environment with humidity and temperature. It is advisable to keep your furniture in a place that is away from large fluctuations of these- such as a wood-burning stove or fireplace. All of our surface-top boards are glued and screwed together to account for these fluctuations and the finish helps protect the wood from soaking up humidity. Small changes in the wood will happen over time- that is just the nature of solid wood. If any large changes happen, such as a large crack or separation in the wood, let us know- we would be happy to fix it for you. 

Do you offer delivery?

                We currently only have the resources to deliver within 10 miles of Arlington, up to a 7 ft table. 

What should I bring when picking up my furniture?

                 Straps, blankets, bungee cords, cardboard are great for protecting your furniture during transport. Plan to transport furniture in their up-right position to prevent damage during transport. Make sure the dimensions of your furniture will fit into the vehicle you plan to use and we will be available at pick-up time to help you load your furniture into your vehicle. 

When and how do I pay my deposit and remaining balance?

                   A $250 deposit for any orders over $500 is due at time the order is placed. This deposit pays for materials and holds your spot for a completion date. This deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance in then due on pick-up to make sure your furniture is exactly what you placed an order for. The invoice can be paid at that time via PayPal through the invoicing software, through the Venmo app or we also accept cash. 

How long should I plan for my furniture to be ready for pick-up once I place my order?

                  Turn-around time varies by volume and time of the year. We try to stay in the 4-6 week range, but will quote you an estimated completion date once your deposit is received.